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SUNDAY JULY 21, 2024 1PM


 Te Encontro No Samba, we’re passionate about bringing the energy of samba to audiences everywhere. Whether you’re looking for live music, music production, or event planning services, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your event is a success.

About US


Te Encontro no Samba (TENS) is a dynamic Afro-Brazilian music project founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting Brazilian culture in the USA. What began as a small "roda de Samba" performance group has evolved into a multifaceted initiative that continues to captivate audiences across the country. 


TENS has hosted 12 cultural events in New York, drawing an average of 450 people each time. Attendees have been treated to authentic live Brazilian music, food, and drinks, making for an unforgettable experience. Among TENS' standout performances are their sets at Times Square for Jazz Lincoln Center at Times Square Live, Sofar Sound NYC, and Hard Rock Cafe Miami. 


In addition to these performances, TENS has hosted a range of exciting events, including "Bahia Connection," where they were joined by Batala New York, an all-female Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble. TENS also brought the tradition of Brazil's Carnival to New York with their "Baile de Carnaval," which included a Samba no pe contest. Participants competed for a cash prize by showcasing their best Samba no pe moves at the Flamboyant Theatre in February 2019.


During the pandemic in 2019, TENS adapted their approach by offering a series of hands-on percussion workshops via Zoom. Led by renowned percussionists and dancers in Brazil, these workshops aimed to provide students of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to learn from authentic practitioners.


Currently, TENS is in the process of creating an album that fuses Brazilian rhythms with World Music, with the goal of uniting cultures through song. Samba, the descendant of "Semba," a traditional music and dance from Angola, was brought to Brazil by enslaved Africans. Despite years of oppression, the rhythm persevered and evolved into what we hear today. TENS is proud to represent Afro-Brazilian culture through their music and dance, and they look forward to continuing to promote cultural exchange and understanding in the years to come.



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Te Encontro no Samba promotes Brazilian culture through Samba and other rhythms. Promoting events, live music, workshops, Samba shows and exhibitions.



Private Events

Te Encontro no Samba is perfect for weddings, concerts, school and university workshops, corporate events, launching new products, kick-off company meetings, conferences, sporting events and more. When you hire Te Encontro no Samba, you get high a energy Brazilian experience. Over the past 10 years, we have acquired experience, and established the best Brazilian music entertainment. The type of performances that leaves the crowd wanting more.



Our Samba show includes: 2 hours of a traditional "Roda de Samba" where we play a repertoire of classics mixed with our favorite pagode songs.


 Our "Batucada"  show includes: 25 minutes of Carnival style performance with beautiful professional Samba dancers to energize your event. The show begins with a 5 minute choreographed performance, where our performers will engage the crowd, inviting them to participate in the most collective exhilarating experience. We call this Samba Line. When the dance floor is full , we perform a big finale and leave the room on fire ready for the evening's Dj to take over.


Pricing will vary depending on:

  • Number of drummers and dancers.

  • Event location. 

  • Event date and time.

Samba shows can be performed live or along with DJ's music. Please contact us for more info 



Contact/ +1(917)334-0103 
E-mail /
Location/ New York, NY 10026

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